Arts for Veterans In the Valley

- 12/14/2020


You asked for it and now you’ve got it!


VFW Post 1264 and the Armed Services Arts Partnership are on a mission.  A mission partnership that is. 


We proudly present "ARTS FOR VETS IN THE VALLEY” #AVV.


If you’ll look over our Instagram feed you’ll see stories. Some funny(ish).  Some solemn.  Some are mix between the two.  These posts were crafted by a member who has attended some of ASAP’s classes/workshops. 


That’s right, if a knuckle dragging, meat eater can figure out how to string a few words together into something semi-interesting, imagine what you could do?  You’ve got this!


ASAP will be conducting two (2) classes.  The Comedy Crash Course and the Story Telling Crash Course.


In the Comedy Crash Course you will spend three (3) hours with 14 other students and two (2) instructors learning the basic structure of a joke, stand up comedy techniques, and how to draw inspiration from your everyday life.  You’ll end up with a small nugget of original art you can call your own.  You’ll get to do what we vets (and our family members) do best!  Bring the light of laughter to yourself and others.


In the Storytelling Crash Course you will spend three (3) hours with 14 other students and two (2) instructors learning how to translate your personal experience into a two (2) minute long story.  Our experiences provide fertile ground for storytelling.  You’ll even figure out how to start off a sea story without using the intro of "No BS, there I was knee deep in grenade pins…”


These classes are free for vets, service members (active, reserve or NG), family of vets/service members and caregivers.


All you need is a computer, headphones, and an internet connection. 


We’ll even throw in the internet connection for free! Need a connection for the class? Come on down to 4930 Grandview Ave NW Roanoke, VA 24012.  Or you know, just stop by to say hi.  We’re open from Monday to Saturday, 1400-2000 hours (2200 on Saturday).  We have hand sanitizer, masks and socially distant seating.


Seating is limited to 15 students per workshop and is first come, first serve. 


Email your full name, zip code and which class you would like to attend.  If you want to attend both, sign up.  We’ll put you a wait list in the event a seat opens up at the last minute. 


Lets show ‘em what we’re made of in the valley!